I started with Pascal, moved to assembler, then to C ... then, somehow, to PHP. That was a mistake. Then I tried javascript and I mostly program in ruby now. Both are much better languages than PHP.

Still, PHP is only language I published some program in ... others are either personal and not ready to get public or for work and closed source.

I'm technically on github, but mostly for bugreporting.

Linux administrator

I was seriously considering writting own operation system when I discovered Slackware Linux. Now I'm using Gentoo at home and administer Debian at work, of course only in pauses between programming.

Star Trek fan

I'm fan of Star Trek. Well, not one of those hardcore fans who wear costumes and fight with fans of other shows. I like Babylon 5, I like original Star Wars, I like Lord of the Rings, but I'm actually registered as a Star Trek fan in local Star Trek fan club.

Webcomics reader

I really like reading webcomics. Sure, I also read books and watch movies and TV series, but there is something in webcomics which is hard to find anywhere else. Maybe it's love - because anyone who spend so much time drawing story without being paid for it must love it. Maybe it's very low level of political correctness - or very low level of appealing to the broadest possible demographics traditional media are doing. It might have something common with how I like show which was one of first to show interracial kiss.

The comics I'm most active on is El Goonish Shive. You can find me there on discussion forum and on it's wiki.

Others include: But I'm a cat person, Drow Tales, The Dreamland Chronicles, Earthsong, Flaky Pastry, Free Fall, Grrl Power, Looking for Group, Namesake, Nerf Now, Snow by Night, Star Power, XKCD (with explanations), Yet Another Fantasy Gaming Comics and lot more ...

Unable to keep homepage fresh

possibly because being too distracted by technologies to concentrate on content.

This homepage looked like this for roughly 10 years with important topic being how some browsers can't display it properly. Those browsers are long gone. I'm writting this version in 2016, it contains less information (so, yes, you may want to look at previous version) and I'm sure it will became obsolete in following years as well.

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